Where to place Feng Shui Ball to heal your house

Discover the 5 essential places to place a ball of Feng Shui at home, distributing chi in the best way to heal bad energies. The crystals of Feng Shui are an inexpensive and easy way to get started in this ancient art. I tell you how to do it and where to buy them at the best price.

What is a Feng Shui ball and what is it for?

The balls cut glass has been used for centuries for its beauty, the effect of light they get, and its spiritual healing properties.

They are precious stones that began to be used by oriental shamans centuries ago and have reached our day’s thanks to the discipline of Feng Shui. They serve to clean and distribute the chi of homes, correcting bad energies to get pleasant and balanced environments.

Where to place Feng Shui balls at home

Properties of Feng Shui balls and how they are used

The main property is to activate and divert the energies, to reach a state of harmony.

The houses in the cities, with the noise, the bad orientation of the constructions and the personal and family problems, generate negative energies that accumulate and that must be purified.

Feng Shui faceted glass balls are responsible for absorbing and distributing energy thanks to its curved walls.

They are used placing them in strategic places, distributed by the different rooms of the house. You just have to hang them and let them do their job. In addition, they are very beautiful, because when they enter the light they generate a beautiful rainbow effect.

Where to place the Feng Shui ball

This part is the most important because they can not be placed anywhere. For them to do their job they have to be in the right place, but it could even be counterproductive.

If you are starting it is advisable to hang only one ball per stay. You can put more, but for now, it is better to have a single one so that the energies flow better.

The 5 most important places to put them

Faceted glass Feng Shui ball

  • In front of your window: In this location, a transparent white quartz Feng Shui ball is recommended. These balls contain the full spectrum of color, collecting the sunlight from the window and distributing it in a rainbow throughout the room.
  • In the center of the hall or hallway: Every time you open the door of the house there is a mixture of energies. To maintain a good balance you have to hang the ball in the center of the hall, or the hallway if you do not have a hall. The ball has to hit the entrance without other doors in between.
  • Above the place of study or work: If you study or work at home, hanging a faceted crystal ball of natural quartz just above the desk helps improve focus and clarify awareness. If you can not hang it from the ceiling, hang it from the desk lamp and turn on the light when you use it.
  • In lonely corners: The so-called “dead corners” are those forgotten corners that can accumulate bad energies. A Feng Shui ball will activate that energy and make it flow.
  • In open spaces: If you have the kitchen and dining room in a single space, it is good to put a ball in the imaginary separation of both rooms. It will keep the correct and ordered chi in its proper place.