This Open Source Kitchen Tool Helps You Get Perfect Flaky Croissants

Watching Alex constantly brings me such delight. It may just be the way his personality is, but I always get excited when seeing him explore his culinary interests. I was very excited to see that he has actually gotten his hands on a 3D printer and jumped into functional printing, another subject that actually makes me happy.

Sure, trinkets plopping out of 3D printers are really typical, but these are very powerful tools when you have a function in mind and a bit of engineering resourcefulness. In this video, Alex takes us through the production of his most current croissant rolling device, which is mainly 3D printed and fully open source

In case you missed it, here is the initial device.

You do not definitely need among these to make a great croissant (or any flaky pastry dough), but it will make your life a lot simpler. An important part of a flaky croissant is having actually these equally pushed layers of dough, with butter layered in. It sounds easy, however getting it juuuust right, takes a great deal of time and skill, and in some cases a machine.

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