Matte white, straight lines, without handles or with some very discreet and no decoration in general, so are the most beautiful kitchens, the simplest.

The more ornamental details a kitchen has, the more colorful it is or combine colors, the more shapes it has or nooks, more ornaments on the wall or coverings, etc. soon we will get tired of them. It is clear that we are unconditional fans of white kitchens and almost that we do not conceive them of another color if we have to have it in our house, but in the end they are the most practical.

Although all kitchens are soiled and cleaning must always be a priority in this room of the house, the matt white finish of the furniture attracts less traces than the gloss finish, the dust goes unnoticed in a white kitchen than in a black or dark color, etc. etc.

The good thing about having a white kitchen with simple lines is that we can then expand on the deco with the accessories, the wooden ones are great for a warm touch, tables, salad covers, mortars or baskets, the metal ones to give a industrial air, small appliances, cutlery also, fruit bowls, etc. and so on with other accessories and styles. The last touch in the style of our kitchen, will depend a bit on the accessories.

We talk a lot about the Nordic kitchens, white and simple design, but we believe that for our mini Spanish kitchens are the best option, the color is fused with the wall and give more spaciousness and brightness to the small space, so the more examples you have better available, do not you think? Happy Monday!