The Finest Times For Makers To Go To Shenzhen in 2019

The Finest Times For Makers To Go To Shenzhen in 2019

Shenzhen City

Whenever individuals discuss Shenzhen, names like “Silicon Valley of Hardware”, “Tech City” “Development Hub” are one of the first things that will come to mind. While dreams may be born in San Francisco, numerous are realized in this fantastic city of tech, where you can develop almost anything you can think of from scratch.

Thus, for all striving makers, developers, entrepreneurs, investors and VCs out there, you may be wondering: when is the very best time to come to this tech city? Look no even more than November, where you get to take advantage of your trip here by immersing yourself in not just 1 or 2, but 3 significant worldwide innovation events in Shenzhen!

1. Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019

Date: 9– 10 November 2019

Venue: Vanke Style Commune, Nanshan, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区万科云设计公社

Maker Faire Shenzhen

Maker Faire is an internationally acknowledged maker celebration first begun by Maker Media in 2006 to celebrate the maker movement, with more than 200 Maker Faires being organised in over 48 countries around the world today. As the most influential festival in the maker community, it is a family-friendly celebration which bridges the “makers” and the public, permitting them to display their splendid works and creative displays to the world.

The world’s biggest Show & Tell occasion was brought to China by Chaihuo Maker Area, who organized the first Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire in2012 Updated as an Included Maker Faire in 2014, Maker Faire Shenzhen has ended up being the most influential maker occasion in China, drawing in thousands of Makers from over 47 countries to get involved, display their projects and share informative ideas and experience.

shenzhen innovation event makerfaire

shenzhen innovation event makerfaire

A family-friendly display of development and creativity, there are a wide variety of exhibits, efficiencies, workshops and talks that caters to people of any ages and interests; from a tech enthusiasts and teachers to artists and students. This year, Maker Faire Shenzhen’s style is: ” To the Heart of Neighborhood, to the Cluster of Industry”, which is dedicated to commemorating the best Show & Inform in Shenzhen. Do go to Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019 for a glance into the future of our world!

For all those interested Makers out there, the call for makers is still open till September 9, so do obtain a spot at Maker Faire Shenzhen here and share your incredible project throughout Maker Faire. Setting up a booth is entirely totally free for individual exhibitors and small groups, and the whole event is open to the public with no admission fee!

2. TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019

Date: 9– 12 November 2019

Place: Shenzhen Software Industrial Base, Shenzhenwan Chuanye Plaza 深圳市软件产业基地 , 深圳湾创业广场

TechCrunch Shenzhen Innovation Event

TechCrunch is among the most anticipated tech conferences around the world, a four-day long occasion in Shenzhen including different development events such as hackathons, start-up competitors, VC meetups and Startup Street, where numerous early stage start-ups will demo their product or services in a large-scale exhibition. Initially kept in 2013, it has actually brought in thousands of individuals, with interesting talks by investors, business owners and founders from top business like Google, DJI, Alibaba etc. TechCrunch Shenzhen will be held by TechNode, TechCrunch’s partner in China.

Start-up Alley combines entrepreneurial business from Mainland China, Korea, Singapore, America, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions to perform worldwide exchanges with each other. With TechCrunch’s impact and name in the tech market, many brand-new start-ups also think about TechCrunch not just as an innovation event in Shenzhen, but also a forefront for promoting their newest developments and items.

This year is also the VERY FIRST TC Hardware Battleground held in China, a premier hardware start-up competitors pioneered by TechCrunch in2015 From 11-12 November, around 15 chosen business will pitch to leading VCs, creators and technologists from around the globe, with the leading business standing an opportunity to be the Hardware Battleground winner and bring home a $25,000 cheque in addition to around the world acclaim and subscription in the Start-up Battleground elite.

3. Release Development Laboratory 2019

Date: 6– 13 November 2019

Place: various

Shenzhen innovation event UNLEASH

UNLEASH is a global innovation laboratory combining more than 1,000 people to develop disruptive services to the SDGs set by the United Nations General Assembly in2015 Chosen talents will satisfy at the Opening Event, a grand event where speakers from around the world will present the SDGs, then divided into groups based upon their SDG focus and co-create a service with their teammates.

Teams will go through an innovation process developed by UNLEASH: Issue framing– ideation– prototyping– testing– implementing. At the end of the 5 days, skills will pitch their ideas to their peers and a jury including mentors, experts and financiers. The very best options will be chosen and groups will get to showcase their end product at the Closing Ceremony, including key notes by VIPs from all around the world.

The themes for this year’s lab are: Health & Well-Being, Quality Education, Clean Water & Sanitation, Affordable & Clean Energy, Industry & Facilities, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Responsible Intake & Production, and Climate Action.

Shenzhen city

In summary, these are just 3 of the biggest innovation events in Shenzhen that we think you definitely should not miss out on, but do keep in mind to keep an appearance out for other small meetups also. Also, don’t forget to enjoy your stay in Shenzhen and explore this terrific city!

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