The Current Certified Open Source Hardware: July 2019

The Open Source Hardware Association(OSHWA) runs a complimentary program that allows developers to certify that their hardware adheres to the neighborhood definition of open source hardware Whenever you see the accreditation logo design, you understand that the licensed hardware fulfills this standard.

open source hardware certification logo

The certification site consists of a complete list of all of the certified open source hardware. Here is all of the hardware that was certified in July:

A USB seven segment display screen module created in Sri Lanka

The Olimexino-STM3 2, an ARM microcontroller-based arduino-compatible board.

4 flavors of Olimex Duinomites, which are commercial grade -4585 C computer systems running STANDARD language interpreter with VGA screen and PS2 keyboard.

14 flavors of the Olimex OLinuXino, a small linux computer system with many alternatives depending upon the version you select.

The Nautilus 3D printer from Hydra Research Study.

The BigFDM, a 3D printer with a 900 x800 x800 mm construct location.

The ANAVI Wonder Controller, a development board for managing two 12 V or 5V addressable LED strips through ESP8266 that features a dedicated slot for an I2C OLED screen and slots for approximately 3 plug and play I2C sensors.

4 tastes of the LCD-Olimex OlinuXino, TFT Color LCDs with LVDS user interface for the Olimex OlinuXino.

The Olimex ESP32- POE-ISO, a galvano-isolated Power Over Ethernet board for ESP32 with Ethernet, WiFi, BLE and GPIOs, programmable with either the Arduino IDE or Expressif SDK.

A Parametric Optical Filter Stage from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain.

The Olimex USB-SATA, which includes SATA drive to computer systems with USB host.

The Creatable D3 delta-style 3D printer.

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