Puffs and Giant Cushions: Choose the best for your home

The Puffs existed long ago, but now is when most successful, new generations are entering their homes because they are comfortable and look great . Thanks to the new technologies of fabrics and materials, they are becoming more comfortable, more durable and bigger , even the most daring have replaced the sofas with giant puffs .

Here you have different types if you are thinking of buying some for the decoration of your house.

The 2 most popular types of Puffs to decorate and rest

There are the classics that are like padded stools, and the modern pear-shaped puffs or giant cushion for the floor . Specifically, I’m going to talk about these two.

They are filled with polystyrene or poliexpan balls and adapt perfectly to your body , no matter how you feel, he will adapt to you getting a pleasant feeling of comfort .

Puff and giant cushion to sleep on the floor

Before buying mine I was worried that it would be like sitting on a pile of clothes and I would fall to the sides, but nothing could be further from reality. As you feel that way you stay, the puff envelops you and underneath it is completely flat with the ground, it is impossible to swing or move.

Puff shaped giant cushions

They are the star product every year, you want to sit on the floor with a super cushion puff that surrounds you, put it on the terrace or lie down to watch a movie. The giant cushion shape is new, and it will allow you to use them as an improvised bed, sofa or armchair, as they can measure up to 180 cm long .

I bought this one:

Giant puff cushion for outdoor or sleeping

This giant cushion Bean Bag Bazaar of 140 x 180 cm I love it , it is very large and versatile, it can be put in a lot of ways, as you see in the images above.

The quality of the fabric is very good, super comfortable and resistant . I bought it for the living room in green, but there are a lot of colors available to choose from. It is also good for the garden , because it is prepared not to fading with the sun and not spoiling with the rain.

Being a giant puff can be put as in the photos, you can lie down, sit, stretch, and also worth as a bed to sleep . Here you have more options to buy a giant cushion puff like this in another color.

They are similar to the previous ones, of size 120 x 160 cm if you want it smaller, or 140 x 180 cm if you want the bigger size. They are also valid for both indoor and outdoor.

Puff with pear shape

Cheap pear puffs in amazon

Pear Puffs are the best known, those that are usually sold in physical stores, surely you have seen them in movies or American series.

Thanks to their shape and consistency they are very comfortable because they pick up your back, it is like sitting or lying on a sofa that surrounds you. So you can spend hours watching movies, working or playing with friends so richly.

The best seller on Amazon is this lilac you just saw. If you want more cheap Puffs with the best quality / price ratio I leave you the list of those who have the best opinions.

Have not you seen one that you like on the list? Remember that Amazon offers you a lot of alternatives under the tab of each product. More colors, more shapes, more prices. For adults, for children, for indoors, for outdoors, for parties, to sleep, to rest, to play, etc.