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This costly sonic sequel offers marvelous listening and deserves every penny, writes Noel Campion

It’s unusual I get the possibility to evaluate an item that blows me away, but that’s exactly what the Mu-so 2 from Naim did.

I’ve never ever claimed to be an audiophile, however after investing a great deal of time listening to music and audio on the Mu-so 2, I have actually revived my love for both music and sound quality.

In as much as music is incredibly subjective, so too is sound quality.

I like that an item like the Mu-so 2 not only provides all of the flexibility and functions we demand from a sound system and wise speaker in 2019, it also pays tribute to an age when high fidelity sound was something to desire.

All that being said, the Mu-so 2 will not match everyone’s budget plan at EUR1,499 and its size and weight will not make it useful for all situations and requirements.

Nevertheless, for those trying to find the supreme smart speaker, the Mu-so 2 is an unbelievable system that will bring music to your ears in a manner that you never ever thought was possible.

The British company Naim is synonymous with sound quality and excellence in the audio industry and although the 2nd generation of the exceptional Mu-so may look really comparable to its predecessor, under the hood it has been nearly completely revamped utilizing new parts.

” In its 45 years, Naim has both developed and recreated product classifications– all in our founding mission for the most genuine musical experience. Mu-so was the first truly premium cordless music speaker; five years on we have actually re-engineered 95%of it to develop Mu-so second Generation and redefined what’s possible from a one-box system”, states Naim Audio MD, Charlie Henderson.

The Mu-so 2 looks amazing. I love how it looks from the mix of materials that range from brushed metal on the top to the strong transparent polymer base that illuminate and displays the Naim logo.

The front speaker grille is available in black as standard and is also available in Terracotta, Olive or Peacock colours.

There are no physical buttons however rather, there’s a big capacitive dial on top that has a proximity sensor that illuminate as your hands get near it.

When lit up, you’ll see icons that represent various controls and functions that enable you to choose inputs, change favourite radio stations, link to streaming services and control volume.

The Mu-so 2 also includes a remote control and a buddy app for both iOS and Android.

I discovered the app the most convenient way to control the speaker, specifically when I was altering inputs and streaming services and so on.

The remote is small and functional, but standard and you need to remember what symbol functions to do what.

Mu-so rekindles love for music and sound quality

The same holds true of the turning dial symbols, a few of which do not make too much sense till you get acquainted with what each one does. Still, I love the elegant execution and minimalistic design.

The Mu-so 2 is stacked with features that use an option for everything that I was able to throw at it.

It supports Bluetooth, wifi (2.4/ 5Ghz), Ethernet, digital optical, HDMI (ARC), 3.5 mm analogue and a USB port that works with all the significant file types consisting of FLAC and WAV.

The HDMI port is a good upgrade over the initial and permits you to use the Mo-so 2 as a soundbar for your TELEVISION.

This likewise suggests you can use your TELEVISION remote to control volume. This works excellent, but your TV needs to support HDMI (ARC).

You can still use either the digital audio or 3.5 mm port rather, however then you’ll have separate controls for volume.

The list of ways to connect the Mu-so 2 also consists of Apple’s AirPay 2, Google’s Chromecast, along with native support for Tidal, Spotify Link and thousands of web radio stations.

UPnP streaming is likewise present allowing you to stream music from your PC, Mac or network-attached storage in high-resolution formats. Mu-so 2nd Generation supports high-resolution WAV, FLAC and DSD files at resolutions as much as 32 bit/384 kHz.

Mu-so rekindles love for music and sound quality

For audio nerds, the integrated DSP (digital signal processor) can running at 2000 MIPS (directions per second). There are six speakers with private Class D amplifiers, 75 W each (450 W total).

Throughout my time utilizing the Mu-so 2, I listened to a vast variety of music including Jazz, Classical, Rock, Soul, R&B, Indie, Dance, Pop and even categories I wouldn’t usually listen to.

I was able to register for 3 months complimentary Tidal HiFi by means of the Naim app, which is a nice perk and a terrific way to totally appreciate the amazing sound you can get from the Mu-so 2.

Listening to music I am familiar with was a joy and it was like everything I was hearing was a remastered version. Even at lower volumes, the bass exists and strong without being overpowering.

Press the volume to max or near it and you’ll get the complete series of deep bass, mellow mids and crystal clear highs.

In terms of audio and functions, I can’t fault the Mo-so 2. Nevertheless, I would have liked it if there was an alternative to alter the colour of the lighting in addition to have complete control over the brightness, which has 3 dimming settings as well as off.

Also, the remote is small and convenient however doesn’t feel as premium as the Mo-so 2.

In General, the Naim Mu-so 2 represents value for cash despite its high price because it manages to load so numerous features in a single system.

It looks extraordinary, sounds incredible and if you take your music seriously, then I extremely recommend you inspect it out.

Readily available now from Harvey Normans EUR1,499

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