Maker Spotlight: Shamyl Bin Mansoor

Maker Spotlight: Shamyl Bin Mansoor

What is your job?

I’m currently the Co-founder and CTO of LearnOBots, an Education Innovation company that is promoting Hands on experiential knowing in STEAM domains. I develop brand-new curriculums, educational sets and programs that are deployed in different cities throughout Pakistan. A few of our brand-new products are making their way all over the world. Often I share my experiences as a speaker too. I also hold the position of Assistant Teacher of Computer System Science at National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan.

How did you begin making?

Considering that my early childhood I’ve been opening and breaking things. Throughout college I handled to turn an Ericsson Amps cellular phone into a radio scanner. I’ve constructed many open source education kits too that are being used at LearnOBots. I got into the making spirit due to my dad who has always been an avid maker. Being the only child, I was his assistant in all the fixes that he did on his own. From repairing the automobile to setting up a security camera/intercom, to fixing the electricity, plumbing or gardening problems, he did it all. And I was always by his side, acting the every ready to learn assistant.

What kind of maker would you categorize yourself as?

I like to explore and assist others check out too. I do not stick to one concept, and wish to have fun with many things. One of my jobs was to upgrade the firmware of a Garmin GPS from Russian to English language, which required going back to the good old RS232 serial procedure. This GPS was being utilized by my pal who flies for the military and since he was flying a Russian MI 17, the GPS was in Russian language and needed to be converted to English.

I also like teaching what I learn, hence the business that I formed 5 years ago to promote the maker motion in Pakistan. Before establishing CodiBot I utilized an open source design from thingiverse to create a cheap 3D printed mobile robotic for STEM education Another job is a Solar home package that teaches kids about alternative energy sources and electrical cicruits. The majority of my present jobs are focused on promoting STEM education.

What’s your preferred thing that you’ve made?

My preferred task so far is the open source sub $100 robotics package called CodiBot that I designed at LearnOBots which has actually now been utilized in thousands of workshops across Pakistan. It is based upon the Arduino Uno board and is based on an Octagonal laser cut acrylic design. A great deal of idea was put into the shape of the robot, allowing it to carry a number of various sensing units and actuators for the comprehensive curriculum that I have actually created around it.

What’s something you want to make next?

My next task is to develop a Robotics set that allows everyone to find out the amazing world of Expert system. Simply recently Tensor Flow Lite has actually been ported to the Arduino environment, I ‘d love to use that to create an inexpensive set that makes discovering about innovations like Deep Knowing and Neural Network more accessible.

Any advice for individuals reading this?

Technology has actually ended up being extremely inexpensive and accessible. Therefore anyone can end up being a maker. I would encourage everyone to find out new skills and start solving issues around them. If there are any moms and dads reading this I would prompt them to motivate their kids to use up pastimes that allow them to end up being makers.

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