“It’s Gon na Be A Huge Year For The Mask!” Clash Meets Bone Slim

“It’s Gon na Be A Huge Year For The Mask!” Clash Meets Bone Slim

As we say goodbye to one masked legend, another masked guy of mystery is plotting his own world dominance from his secret London lair.

Rap Artist Bone Slim, part of the scintillating NiNE8 collective, has actually been turning heads with his fusion of nineties fond memories with psychedelic future rap noises.

His brand-new single, ‘BAT’ kicks off the year in design with his distinct spin on a bounce back from a relationship. We went back and forth with him on his musical motivations, upcoming project, and news year’s resolutions.

Have a look at the premiere for the video listed below.

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For those that do not understand you, describe your sound in 3 words.

‘ Bitch Ass Trick’ – this is the sound of this tune but as an artist I am flexible, I don’t like to be put in a box and I feel the present times we reside in, as an artist, versatility is what makes us so crucial. As humans we adjust …

Tell us about NINE8. What are you men everything about and how did you link up with these people?

Nine8 is a family of artists who are all driven to push and redefine limits of our existing times, we utilize our Do It Yourself mentality to make and finish our material to the very best of our capability. We utilize innovative currency to take our ideas from pen to paper to you – the people.

My role in the cumulative is rapping and songwriting however I also get shit done when asked by my peers. The expression “your network is your net-worth” is what I live by to a degree and I believe this is so real when I think of the value of Nine8 Collective in my life – I would not be where I am at without them and you will see later on in my releases this year just how much they mean to me.

Inform us three artists who have influenced your noise …

My homie Lava La Rue, Mac Wetha and Zelooperz.

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What’s the story behind the brand-new single and video?

The brand-new single is called ‘BAT’ which means Bitch Ass Technique. It has to do with being the guy who always is succumbing to the incorrect intimate partners and desires the generic “excellent lady” but he understands he’s a piece of shit so he most likely will not change. I made this tune in Mac Wetha’s room following a bad break up and a couple of poor rebounds.

The video is a sophisticated metaphor for playing games with myself and my partners, I think the video shows this well and it was made by an amazing team who I’m so grateful for, the infamous Dani Monteiro, Taylor Casser, Connor Reilly and obviously my beautiful cast and all the mandem who play the back of my head.

How have you been killing time throughout lockdown?

I make a lot of stuff, my life hasn’t altered too much apart from establishing my service by launching merch and also creating method more than I anticipated. I’ve got a brand-new studio space and I have actually been collaborating with a few of my preferred artists (socially distanced naturally) …

Who should we be listening to in 2021?

Bone Slim obviously …!

Nah genuine I actually fuck with Knucks at the moment, Dutta or Nia Archives if you enjoy D&B (she is LIT!), I listen to the Silhouettes Job a lot at the moment – anybody on there is eliminating it especially Bel Cobain who was on my previous single ‘Fire’ likewise produced with Mac Wetha.

Likewise my man st.illwell – he’s gon na do bits this year, check out his stuff ’cause he’s just an all round incredible artist from his production to his composing … and naturally my people the Moontown Project – they got a noise for everyone so ensure you look out for them this year cause they are gon na be huge.

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What’s your new years resolution( s)?

To take control of the world … and make certain I struck my deadlines.

What’s next for you in 2021?

So first off I got ‘LINDO’ which is a tape I made with Mac Wetha, this tape has to do with my skill as a seasoned author and I hope you like it, a couple of more songs initially but look out for this tape – it’s sure to turn heads.

Much more to come after that but that’s for another conversation! It’s going to be a huge year for the mask.

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Words: Angus McKeon

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