Glance: $250 Resin Printer

I had a possibility to have a look at among the newest exceptionally inexpensive printers to be flowing out there. This is the Sparkmaker Original, an SLA printer that retails for $250! Having actually originated from years of 3d printer costs dropping consistently, we shouldn’t be too shocked at this, however even within the world of 3D printing, SLA printers have been normally more costly than their filament based counterparts. Masked SHANTY TOWN, the ones that utilize an LCD screen to block UV light, are incredibly low-cost to produce though, so it makes sense that they would end up cheaper than a normal cartesian printer.

With this recent excess of low-cost resin printers, people do need to remember all the extra things that come with resin. You have this poisonous material that gets everywhere, your parts require to be cleaned thoroughly and cured before dealing with, you have to dispose of your waste appropriately, and you need to seek out the ideal resin for the task (does it require to be tough? heat resistant? etc, there’s a resin for that).

This isn’t a full review of this printer. When it pertains to something like this, that cuts a lot of corners in the interest of keeping costs down, the real judge of quality will end up being the length of time it lasts. Yes, it prints today, and the couple of tests I did printed just fine with excellent results. Will the parts last in time? When I have concerns how will the assistance be? Only time will inform on those fronts.

It really is hard to deny, nevertheless, that $250 is an incredibly inexpensive price to pay to get parts that look this terrific.

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