Dave Rubin runs out ideas

Dave Rubin runs out ideas

  • There’s only so long you can trade on a former political identity as the primary credential for a new one, without using anything brand-new. And it’s hard to argue that you’re not simply a standard tribalist conservative media character if you never slam Trump or the.
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    Dave Rubin, the YouTube talk show host with over a million subscribers, an audience that matches lots of cable television news shows, is probably best referred to as the “ Why I Left the Left” person.

    That was the title of a video he did for the conservative website PragerU, which has been viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube and which Rubin says was the initial title of his brand-new debut book, because relabelled “ Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason

    Now a self-described “freethinking classical liberal” or “old-school liberal,” he’s ended up being the right’s favorite ex-leftist, an identity he uses to caution right-leaning audiences that the left will concern damage all the freedoms they love. He knows, he says, since he was one of them.

    His publisher composes that “in a time of insanity” the book will offer “you the tools you require to think on your own.”

    Dave Rubin opened his mind to brand-new ideas.

    In the book, Rubin happily repeats a story he’s informed lots of times before, about how he changed his entire worldview on bigotry after it was clear he was hopelessly unprepared for an interview with a black conservative radio host.

    Rubin, a previous comic, was just a couple of months eliminated from hosting his eponymous show for the progressive The Young Turks online network.

    But Rubin’s newfound “freethinking” would not consist of challenging his brand-new viewpoints by, for instance, hosting a Black Lives Matter activist or a specialist on authorities brutality to reveal ideas that ran counter to Senior citizen’s.

    His mind had actually been changed, and no additional conversation beneficial to those bad “regressive” concepts he as soon as held was necessary.

    The right’s favorite ex-lefty

    Through interviews on his program, Rubin linked up with the “Intellectual Dark Web,” a loosely affiliated group of online characters usually bound together by a shared loathing of left-wing censorship and “woke” identity politics. Then, as Jordan Peterson’s buzz male on a global tour, he had the ability to reach an enormous audience of mostly youths.

    Now he’s a regular on different Fox News shows, and his YouTube show is re-broadcast on Blaze Media’s BlazeTV network, part of the brand popularized by Glenn Beck. He also does routine paid looks with Turning Point U.S.A., the pro-Trump student group with close ties to the administration

    Though he’s really cautious to never completely back President Donald Trump, he will not articulate any significant criticism of him.

    Rubin’s speaking with design is to rely on “civility,” which in practice serves as a platform for the guest to present their arguments unchallenged.

    In a 2019 interview with then-Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, Rubin scolded her for making what he called “a “ slippery slope” argument in comparing the Holocaust to slavery.

    ” Don’t Burn This Book” is Rubin’s Twitter feed on paper

    If you’re at all familiar with Rubin’s show or Twitter feed, “Don’t Burn This Book” is not likely to include any surprises.

    In a chapter entitled, “Learn How to Find Fake News,” he once again refers to non-right-wing news outlets as being hopelessly flooded with left-wing “activists” and repeatedly puts the word “reporters” in scare quotes.

    And even when presented with an easy lay-up of a chance to take issue with Trump, he demurs.

    He makes gobsmackingly reductive arguments.

    Rubin the “old-school liberal” even deploys the old Republican politician saw about the “Democrat Celebration” being the celebration of slavery 160 years ago, as if neither party had actually undergone significant philosophical and group shifts in the century-and-a-half because.

    He seldom lives up to this stated concept, or any of them.

    Relatedly, he’s a self-described “totally free speech absolutist” who like Trump supports “ mass suits” against media organizations for libel.

    He hates identity politics and the left, however provides himself as the “gay liberal” when lovely conservative audiences. He’s the previous progressive and comic who now makes jokes about “HuffPoop.” He’s a brave freethinker, who keeps himself hermetically-sealed from possibly contentious interviews and disputes.

    And he’s branded himself as a paragon of “civility,” regardless of not being particularly civil to people with ideas that upset him.

    Dave Rubin has one tune to play: “Why I Left the Left.” Offered the chance to check out new ideas throughout more than 200 pages, it’s clear he hasn’t discovered any brand-new chords.

    If you never slam Trump or the right, however relentlessly scream about “mainstream media,” the “Democrat Party,” and “social justice warriors” as hazards to Western civilization, it’s difficult to convincingly make the case that you’re not just a standard tribalist conservative media character.

    There’s only so long you can trade on a previous political identity as the main credential for a brand-new one, without providing any new ideas.

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