Daddy Ted creators end fight to end up musical Tv –

Great news Daddy Ted fans, the writing group behind the hit funny have “settled their differences” and are back working on a musical variation of the show.

There was a cumulative shout of ‘Go on, go on, go on …’ here in RTÉ Entertainment when we initially heard that there was a Dad Ted musical in the works.

So we were more than a little dissatisfied to hear the ball had been stalled on a toe-tapping live version of the program. Obviously, authors Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews had a little confrontation over the task.

Graham Linehan, Neil Hannon, Paul Woodful and Arthur Matthews verified that they are working on a Ted musical last year

However, fret no more, as according to pop star Neil Hannon, the pair have actually settled their imaginative differences and are “back in a room” writing together.

Hannon, who is the frontman of The Divine Funny and who has just released his new album Office Politics, penned the theme tune for the initial comedy series and is writing the music for the musical.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he stated: “Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews, appreciation be, settled their differences and we are all back in a space composing the musical.

” It’s extremely interesting. In fact, we are practically almost completed. It’ll still be a long time prior to it strikes the boards.

” I take all my motivation from what they have actually composed, the scenes they have built.

” Often I have discussed six songs for one particular scene that never appear to strike the nail on the head. However most of them have actually come quite quickly.”

Details of Pope Ted – The Father Ted Musical were initially exposed last June, with Linehan stating the show would be the “real final episode of Daddy Ted“.

” I didn’t desire to do anything like this until the best idea occurred, and when Trump won and Corbyn won I sort of idea, ‘maybe Ted has a possibility’

” I believed it wouldn’t be excessive of a stretch. Certainly, we’re pulling some shenanigans to get him into that position, however I think the shenanigans are amusing enough that individuals will not mind.”

The Divine Funny have simply launched their brand-new album Workplace Politics

Hannon appeared to validate this, saying Daddy Ted had increased “considerably” within the clergy.

He said: “I do not know how much I’m permitted to state. I’ll get told off for saying things. But yes, he goes up in the world significantly. I’ll leave it at that.”

He added: “( It’s) due out at the end of a piece of string. Nobody understands.”

However asked if they were going for a release date in 2020, he replied: “Yeah, ideally.”

The original series starred the late Dermot Morgan as Daddy Ted, the late Frank Kelly as Dad Jack and Ardal O’Hanlon as Father Dougal, with Pauline McLynn playing their maid Mrs. Doyle.

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