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Matte white, straight lines, without handles or with some very discreet and no decoration in general, so are the most beautiful kitchens, the simplest.

The more ornamental details a kitchen has, the more colorful it is or combine colors, the more shapes it has or nooks, more ornaments on the wall or coverings, etc. soon we will get tired of them. It is clear that we are unconditional fans of white kitchens and almost that we do not conceive them of another color if we have to have it in our house, but in the end they are the most practical.

Although all kitchens are soiled and cleaning must always be a priority in this room of the house, the matt white finish of the furniture attracts less traces than the gloss finish, the dust goes unnoticed in a white kitchen than in a black or dark color, etc. etc.

The good thing about having a white kitchen with simple lines is that we can then expand on the deco with the accessories, the wooden ones are great for a warm touch, tables, salad covers, mortars or baskets, the metal ones to give a industrial air, small appliances, cutlery also, fruit bowls, etc. and so on with other accessories and styles. The last touch in the style of our kitchen, will depend a bit on the accessories.

We talk a lot about the Nordic kitchens, white and simple design, but we believe that for our mini Spanish kitchens are the best option, the color is fused with the wall and give more spaciousness and brightness to the small space, so the more examples you have better available, do not you think? Happy Monday!

Where to place Feng Shui Ball to heal your house

Discover the 5 essential places to place a ball of Feng Shui at home, distributing chi in the best way to heal bad energies. The crystals of Feng Shui are an inexpensive and easy way to get started in this ancient art. I tell you how to do it and where to buy them at the best price.

What is a Feng Shui ball and what is it for?

The balls cut glass has been used for centuries for its beauty, the effect of light they get, and its spiritual healing properties.

They are precious stones that began to be used by oriental shamans centuries ago and have reached our day’s thanks to the discipline of Feng Shui. They serve to clean and distribute the chi of homes, correcting bad energies to get pleasant and balanced environments.

Where to place Feng Shui balls at home

Properties of Feng Shui balls and how they are used

The main property is to activate and divert the energies, to reach a state of harmony.

The houses in the cities, with the noise, the bad orientation of the constructions and the personal and family problems, generate negative energies that accumulate and that must be purified.

Feng Shui faceted glass balls are responsible for absorbing and distributing energy thanks to its curved walls.

They are used placing them in strategic places, distributed by the different rooms of the house. You just have to hang them and let them do their job. In addition, they are very beautiful, because when they enter the light they generate a beautiful rainbow effect.

Where to place the Feng Shui ball

This part is the most important because they can not be placed anywhere. For them to do their job they have to be in the right place, but it could even be counterproductive.

If you are starting it is advisable to hang only one ball per stay. You can put more, but for now, it is better to have a single one so that the energies flow better.

The 5 most important places to put them

Faceted glass Feng Shui ball

  • In front of your window: In this location, a transparent white quartz Feng Shui ball is recommended. These balls contain the full spectrum of color, collecting the sunlight from the window and distributing it in a rainbow throughout the room.
  • In the center of the hall or hallway: Every time you open the door of the house there is a mixture of energies. To maintain a good balance you have to hang the ball in the center of the hall, or the hallway if you do not have a hall. The ball has to hit the entrance without other doors in between.
  • Above the place of study or work: If you study or work at home, hanging a faceted crystal ball of natural quartz just above the desk helps improve focus and clarify awareness. If you can not hang it from the ceiling, hang it from the desk lamp and turn on the light when you use it.
  • In lonely corners: The so-called “dead corners” are those forgotten corners that can accumulate bad energies. A Feng Shui ball will activate that energy and make it flow.
  • In open spaces: If you have the kitchen and dining room in a single space, it is good to put a ball in the imaginary separation of both rooms. It will keep the correct and ordered chi in its proper place.

Where to place the air conditioner so that it cools better and is hidden

Summer is a blessing, go out to the terraces for a drink, the beach, ice cream, and vacations. But with the good weather, the oppressive heat also arrives, the one that leaves you crazed on the sofa at home. Notes that the air does not run, and that the environment is so dense that it can be chewed. But there is a very simple solution, the air conditioning.

The first solution we are looking for is a fan, but it only takes a few minutes to realize that it is useless. Removing hot air is even worse, so finally this year we decided to install the desired air conditioning.

But there the doubts arise. What type of air conditioning is best for my house? Where to put the air conditioning to cool it better and at the same time look beautiful? Will it be good with the decoration?

Where to place the air conditioner to cool it better

Types of air conditioning that you can install

Depending on the size of your home, the number of rooms and floors you have, you will need a Split or Multi-split type to cover several rooms.

The Multi-split allows a single external fan to have several internal devices distributed. This type of air conditioning is a good option to have at home if you want to cool several rooms or floors. For example the dining room and the bedrooms, the floor above and the floor below. It is a huge advantage not having to install several engines, and that is that you can have up to 8 internal devices.

If you do not need so many devices you can opt for Split air conditioning, which differs from Multi-split air conditioning by allowing only one internal device. The clear advantage is the cheapest price, the smallest size of the external engine and the lowest energy consumption.

Where to place it so it cools better and stays hidden

The hot air rises and accumulates near the ceiling, so you always have to place the device as close to it. It is also the best place so that it does not interfere with the decoration. Nowadays there are options for Splits that look like paintings, it is another option to make it even more disguised.

It is better to place it on the larger wall, as centered as possible. In this way, it is possible to improve the airflow so that it is distributed throughout the room. I know that the idea of placing it in a corner seems the best so it can not be seen, but it will not cool like that.

Air conditioning disguised as a picture

If you go to sleep with the air on, do not put it on the bed, or on top of it. Apart from the cold that you are going to go through, it is not good for you to get directions.

Do not think that setting it to lower degrees it will cool down faster. The degrees only mark the temperature at which the air has to stop coming out cold. What can help lower the temperature faster is the power of the fan?

Putting a Split in the hallway will not make the rooms cool. It is a common mistake to think that cold air from the corridor will flow into the rooms, but it is not so. You have to put a Split in each room you want to cool.

In short, you can install Split or Multi-split, as you want to have one or more devices at home. If you want to cool several rooms the best option is the Multi-split, because with one motor you can have up to 8 internal devices. They have to be installed as close to the ceiling as possible and in the middle of the larger wall so that the cold air is distributed evenly.

How to decorate the bedroom with LED strips

Summer is a good time to make changes at home, we have free time and recharged batteries. Why not start with the bedroom? It is the most intimate and personal place, where we spend our hours of rest, and the one that has to reflect the maximum our tastes and comforts.

For example, if you want to give more amplitude and forget about the bedside table, with its corresponding lamp, decorate the room with these LED lighting strips. In addition to winning space, you will get an elegant bedroom with a feeling of peace.

How to decorate the bedroom with led strips

This trend is increasingly in vogue because it saves space giving a modern touch.

Led strips are flexible and adhesive strips, whose surface contains a series of Led lights. Thanks to this, lighting the room from the headboard of the bed is not only possible, but it is easy to do and economical, because compared to the bulbs of a lifetime can consume up to 80% less energy. In addition, they last much longer because they rarely merge.

Another benefit compared to traditional lighting, is that they are self-adhesive and very easy to stick to a surface such as the headboard of the bed, or other spaces in the room. They also have the advantage that their light is quite soft, so they do not bother the eye or dazzle, added to that many models come with dimmer to adjust the power to suit each one.

It can be regulated with a Dimmer with remote control, with a Dimmer installed on the wall, or with a Wi-Fi Dimmer that allows it to be adjusted by means of an application on the mobile.

And why not give a little color to life? We can play with the many colors that LED strips offer, and that can be chosen in a way that they combine with the other elements of the bedroom.

Ideas to light the bedroom with LED strips

Illuminate a bedroom with Led lights

There are several ways to illuminate the headboard of the bed and the bedroom with LED strips, depending on the lighting effects or design you want to achieve. The latest trends and what it takes the most is:

  • Illuminate the headboard with indirect light and RGB LED strip. In addition to illuminating the room, you can choose between several colors, such as red, green or blue. There are also strips that change color depending on your tastes.
  • It can also be done with indirect light by the perimeter of the room, with aluminum profile recessed.
  • A different way to illuminate with LEDs is with indirect light by the skirting board, with an aluminum profile to embed in the wall and skirting board.
  • And another original way is to place a Led strip on the roof, in several lines, and adjust its intensity with the regulator.

This way of decorating offers a multitude of possibilities. And in addition to its advantages of savings and beautiful designs, can be adapted to the needs and tastes of each, because the strips can be cut and unite with others as much as you want. They are valid for small spaces and for large spaces.

Give a renewed air to your bedroom by putting some Led strips on the headboard, behind the shelves, on the skirting boards or on the ceiling.