Boil Your Marinade Prior To Serving It as a Sauce

Boil Your Marinade Prior To Serving It as a Sauce

As we tailor up for the fantastic American grilling day, there’s something important you need to know that you might not have actually thought of: if your marinade has had raw meat sitting in it, it has plenty of raw meat bacteria.

That’s not a problem if you discard the marinade, however the marinade often makes an excellent sauce to serve with the finished meal. So you have to keep food security in mind! We cook our chicken (or fish, or steak, or whatever) to make it more delicious and to eliminate whatever Salmonella or E. coli or other potentially harmful food-borne pathogens might be partying on the raw meat. If you marinaded the meat before cooking, you require to consider bacteria in the marinade, too.

Fortunately, there are a couple easy methods to prevent offering your guests food poisoning:

  1. Make additional marinade in the very first location. Just add as much to the meat as you truly require to, and save the rest in a container for after cooking.
  2. Use the marinade as typical, but then prepare it later. If you bring a liquid to a boil for a moment (opt for a full minute simply to be safe), that eliminates Salmonella and any other gastrointestinal disorder germs that may be a problem.

Which approach you choose will depend upon how your marinade tastes after cooking. (Some components change their taste after cooking, which you might take pleasure in or you may not.) Cook a part to test it if you aren’t sure. And if you’re still deciding how to taste your food for the 4th, have a look at these marinade ideas

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