20 great present ideas for the jetsetter in your life

All Of Us have that one friend who’s always living it up somewhere far, far away in some unique place. With a buddy like that, the best present is something to make their regular trips a lot more fantastic than they currently are. From lightweight travel suitcases to versatile pillows, here’s the ideal list of gifts for the jet setter in your life.

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InstaSteam ™ ($2495 Worth)

Billed as the world’s first electricity-free clothes steamer, it zaps the wrinkles and creases out of clothing using just a garment bag and an unique pod.

CORI Travel Pillow ($43 Worth)

Getting good shuteye on the plane may be finally possible with this travel pillow. Instead of having to adjust your head to it’s an odd shape, it adjusts to accommodate your favored sleeping position. Today, you can snag it on sale for $2797 with the code MERRYSAVE15

VENQUE ® Flypack 3-Way Convertible Bag ($199 Value)

One of the most flexible travel bags on the market, the VENQUE can be utilized either as a briefcase, knapsack, or carry-on. It’s also water and weather-repellent to hold up against all sorts of conditions. Enter the voucher code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout to get it for only $14365

2-in-1 Eye Mask and Neck Assistance Travel Pillow ($19 Worth)

An eye mask and travel pillow all in one, this pillow relieves neck tiredness triggered by prolonged travel and obstructs out light for a more comfortable taking a snooze sesh.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow ($2499 Value)

Get rid of traditional U-shaped pillows and change to this one that contours to any shape or position you desire. Exceptionally flexible, it can likewise be used to support your back, shoulder, or cervical spine. It’s now available for $1699 with the code MERRYSAVE15

TripWipes Anti-Bacterial Wipes ($17 Worth)

Traveling is a disgusting affair, however you can fend off bacteria with these wipes that not just kill bacteria but also soften your hands. Get a one-month supply for only $1445 by getting in the code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout.

WalletGuard24: Smart Bluetooth Wallet ($8995 Value)

For that one pal who constantly loses their wallet, this one syncs with a mobile phone and activates an alarm every time they’re apart.96 with the code MERRYSAVE15

Genius Pack Aerial Hardside Carry On Spinner ($298 Worth)

Weighing in at just 6.2 lbs, this travel suitcase will avoid you from needing to pay expensive baggage costs. It includes interior category compartments for hassle-free packaging, durable 360- degree spinner wheels, a different laundry compartment, and so much more. Rating it for $13174 with the code MERRYSAVE15

EndlessID ® Smart Baggage and Backpack Tag ($1999 Worth)

This is not a regular baggage tag– it’s a cool luggage tag. Connect it to your luggage, and you’ll always understand its place using an NFC device or the tag’s PIN. It even has a medical ID function that lets you share your medical profile with ease in case of emergencies. Get it for just $1444 with the discount coupon code MERRYSAVE15

Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Set ($6995 Worth)

Save tons of luggage space with this vacuum that shrinks your clothing by 70%. Merely position your products inside the designated bags, and the Dr. Save Pump will get rid of the air inside and compress it to the smallest possible size. Snag it for only $2804 with the coupon code MERRYSAVE15

OrigAudio 25 L Objective Load ™ ($69 Value)

Made for adventure hunters, this backpack consists of some seriously useful (and unforeseen) features.46 with the code MERRYSAVE15

Genius Load High-Altitude Flight Bag ($88 Value)

The pockets behind aircraft seats are never enough to store, well, anything, actually, but you can repair that by wrapping this bag created for high-altitude travel. It wraps around the seat in front of you and has sufficient compartments to store a myriad of things. Grab it on sale for $5270 with the coupon code MERRYSAVE15

Sable Travel Pillow ($2599 Value)

Neck pain, begone! This travel pillow is made to counter discomfort with its thick memory foam, smooth soft cotton cover, and adjustable straps that comply with your neck line. Now, you can score it for $1699 with the code MERRYSAVE15

Dive Portable Lungs Starter Set ($695 Value)

Have a buddy who enjoys the water so much that they want they had gills? You can’t precisely construct them some, but you can give them this portable tank that enables them to check out underwater for up to 15 minutes. Get it for $46749 with the code MERRYSAVE15

Rollux 2-in-1 Expandable Travel Suitcase ($349 Worth)

Appropriate for both brief trips and extended holidays, this bag serves a double function, working both as a carry-on or a check-in luggage depending on your needs.

Tach Tuff Connectable Hard Luggage Set ($475 Worth)

Tach Tuff features a set of baggage that can be tethered together using a patented linking system. It can fasten as much as 9 bags together, allowing whoever is carrying it to carry all of their possessions with ease. You can get it now for $23374 with the code MERRYSAVE15

Genius Pack 30- inch Spinner Upright Suitcase ($398 Worth)

This feather-light luggage is built to load a lot in a small amount of luggage real estate. It also has everything one needs in a carry-on: high-quality spinner wheels, separate laundry compartment, organizational panels, and an embedded checklist. Frequently on sale for $19999, it’s now offered for 169.99 when you key in the code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout.

TUO: The Ultimate Travel Organizer ($4950 Worth)

No little products will slip through the cracks while packing with this travel organizer. It’s specially developed to house quickly lost possessions like underwears, ties, socks, swimwear, and more. Now, you can get it for only $3399 with the code MERRYSAVE15

Sitpack 2.0 Compact Collapsible Seat ($65 Value)

The ultimate service for exhausted legs, this useful tool is the size of a can that expands to a height-adjustable seat when required.

Slide-N-Glo 3-in-1 Lantern ($2495 Worth)

Perfect for individuals who love going off the grid, this lantern will make sure that there’s ample lighting wherever they choose to go.95, however with the code MERRYSAVE15, you can get it for only $21

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