15 Concepts to Decorate your House with Wood in 2020

15 Concepts to Decorate your House with Wood in 2020

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Used in furnishings and floors, wood is likewise acquiring ground in other corners of the home, providing a special touch to the most varied environments. Wood is an excellent raw material, as it acts as a thermal insulator that preserves a comfortable temperature in the environment and strengthens the link with nature.

Wood is gaining ground in decoration, giving a various touch to the most varied environments in the house.

Wood matching with other elements is a job that needs good taste and imagination, here we offer you 15 concepts for you to discover how you can use this product in your decor.

Windows and doors

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Wooden doors, like the ones you can find in the Puertas EURO-BLOCK catalog, offer a rustic touch and are ideal in high ceilings and wide areas, specifically accompanied by big matching frames. The best thing for wooden windows is to install glass so that sufficient light gets in the house.

All wood

As we pointed out at the start, wood is no longer for the special usage of furniture manufacturing. You can embellish your house with ceilings, furniture, wall coverings, and various ornamental wood accessories to create a warm and inviting environment with a rustic and natural touch.

Japanese partitions

In Japan, walls made of wood slats and materials are called shoji This building stimulates this kind of structure and suggests houses where light permeates freely from one space to another. Thanks to the white textile, the wood fades and generates a basic luminous feeling that surrounds whatever. The walls can be sealed with a glass plate to concentrate the temperature of each space and avoid sound from permeating the wall.

The ceiling in the bed room

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The result you generate when you fill the ceiling with wood planks and make a curved shape is, on the one hand, aesthetic, since just with this do you get an unique room. However, in addition, the acoustic waves bounce in a special method, the noises are stifled, the silence is purer, and your voice sounds more intimate. And this in a bedroom is precisely what you are searching for.


A wood wall can not just be smooth, however it can likewise have fun with shapes, and for this, the slats can play an extremely imaginative function. With these, you manage to produce curves and angles that, through natural light, offer very creative three-dimensional feelings.

Partition to divide areas

Incorrect slat partitions provide a new possibility of dividing spaces in an easy and rather economical way. It is a service that allows light to travel through the wall, but at the exact same time offers enough privacy to disappoint clearly what is on the other side.


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A natural and country touch to our house is constantly welcome. Embellishing with natural wood can be as simple as including a striking log and appointing it a particular use as quickly as you stroll through the door to our house. Depending on the needs of the minute, then you can decide where and what to utilize it for.

DIY details with wood

A very simple concept to introduce wood into your decor is developing a craft with which you can make information to location in any space. There are numerous ways to get the ideal complement for your home.


Wooden boxes are an extensively used resource in decoration. It assists you keep spaces organized while embellishing them with a cozy touch. You can utilize fruit boxes, square, open, or closed. You can put numerous joints, only one, resting on the floor, on a shelf … You have a great deal of choices!


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Old drawers, in addition to wood red wine or fruit boxes, have a lot of uses, however the most enjoyable is turning them into shelves, an amusing method to have whatever in order and decorate. It is simple, and you can make structures with them or hang simply a couple in a corner, it all depends upon the area you have at house and the outcome you are searching for.


Although it is not a small detail, it is a special method of using wood that is worthy of to be named in this list of concepts. If you bet on wood, you increase the feeling of comfort in this room.


With this concept, we are not simply referring to placing your photos in wood picture frames.


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The posters are very decorative. You can have fun with different elements. For instance, posters that have a phrase or a number of smaller ones with various words, illustrations, or drawings … On the wood base, you can choose the best method to launch the message that you like the most.

Wood devices

In addition to the above concepts, wood can be present in a wide variety of house accessories, from vases to containers for the kitchen area or accessories for the bathroom. For instance, the trays with numerous uses, from serving coffee to decorating a small table, window, or chest of drawers. If you give them chalkboard paint, you can compose messages every day.


Wood and iron are 2 elements that fit completely. If you desire to utilize wood to decorate your home, do not hesitate: integrate it with metal or iron aspects.

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