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News24.com | Pumas chief Pieter Burger: I felt discouraged at times but never ran out of ideas

Pieter Burger (Pumas - Facebook) Pieter Burger, the outgoing Pumas CEO, looks back fondly on a "humbling" five-year journey in Nelspruit.The 42-year-old took over during a very challenging period for the sport in general and admits that he felt discouraged at times about "our industry's problems".Yet through determination and a willingness to always be creative,…

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder on launching a hemp-infused carbonated water brand

This is an installment in a special series, Startup Year One, interviewing startup founders about the major lessons they learned in the immediate aftermath of their businesses’ first year of operation.Ryan Tedder says his business background is about as disparate from the “beverage” industry as one could imagine. Previously, he had been writing and producing…

Ten ways to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing

With the world slowly easing out of lockdown, it’s important to maintain the benefits of a simpler life and avoid slipping back into any unhealthy habits. We have all the inspiration you need to live healthily and stay fit.Discover the joy of working out anytime, anywhereStay motivated with thousands of in-person and live-streamed classes from…

4 Advantages of Smoking Cigarettes CBD Hemp Flowers– 2020 Guide

Img source: unsplash.com We can see that CBD managed to split out of the cannabis industry and make an industry of its own. It’s pretty impressive to see that one compound generates millions in revenue every year. It should be said that there are more than a couple of reasons why this was achieved. The…

People want a greener, happier world now. But our politicians have other ideas | George Monbiot

Out there somewhere, marked on no map but tantalisingly near, is a promised land called Normal, to which one day we can return. This is the magical geography we are taught by politicians, such as Boris Johnson with his “significant return to normality”. It is the story we tell ourselves, even if we contradict it…

The NT’s Douglas Daly region earmarked for large-scale cotton, hay, hemp and more

The NT Farmers Association has unveiled a roadmap to expand farming in the Douglas Daly region by 60,000 hectares, which it says could help "unlock the enormous agricultural potential of the Territory".Key points:Douglas Daly Stage Two plan has identified 60,000ha suitable for agricultural developmentA report by NT Farmers suggests land would be best suited to…

Grado’s Hemp Headphones are an audio high you won’t quickly forget

Grado Labs Hemp Headphones “It is hard to imagine headphones looking, or sounding, any better.” Astonishingly detailed sound Precise and clear equalization Beautiful wood design Comfortable for long listening sessions Strong quality control Some rough finishes Open-back design limits usability Restrained bass response Grado Labs grabbed headlines with its cheekily priced $420 Hemp Headphones. When…

White Democrats Are Wary Of Big Ideas To Address Racial Inequality

Even before a Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd, leading to a renewed national conversation about racial inequality, white Democrats were already pretty “woke” on some issues. An overwhelming majority of white Democrats said that racial discrimination was a major barrier to Black people getting ahead in America, that the police and the broader criminal…

NBA Trade Ideas to Create New Big 3s This Offseason

0 of 5Will Newton/Getty ImagesThe NBA's next Big Three could arrive this offseason.Market conditions are ripe for a busy trade market. Teams are crunched for cap space, and the free-agent player pool is shallow. And with so much attention already being paid to a loaded 2021 class of hoopers-for-hire, clubs could be looking to move…

10 Storage Ideas for Residents Living in London – 2020 Guide

Img source: freepik.com Prime living spaces are hard to come by in city centres like London. The average size for flats are around 9 parking lots. Houses aren’t any better. Houses in London are 20% smaller than they were 50 years ago. Despite the effort of building smaller houses to keep them affordable, many residents…


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