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Is Life Special Even If It’s Rare? – Issue 95: Escape

A rocket powered by kerosene and liquid oxygen and carrying a scientific observatory blasted off into space at 10:49 p.m., March 6, 2009 (by local calendars and clocks). The launch came from the third planet out from a G-type star, 25,000 light-years from the center of a galaxy called the Milky Way, itself located on…

Check out the email Expensify’s CEO sent out to consumers on MLK Day outlining the business’s strategy to combat injustices with a ‘highly speculative’ crowdsourced project

Expensify Expensify will spend an extra $3 million to fight systemic injustices in 2021. CEO David Barrett outlined a "highly experimental" plan to let volunteers and donors choose causes. Expensify will focus on climate change, homelessness, hunger, criminal justice, and youth issues. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Expensify plans to donate an additional…

The richest professional athlete of perpetuity not did anything with his wealth and disappeared into history

It might have gone a little like ... this: Gaius Appuleius Diocles knew his job. He didn’t need to win; he just had to survive. Seven laps. Twelve competitors. That was it. Whatever happened next could determine whether he would race another day, or lose his life. The Circus Maximus was dizzying like that. Gaius…

Principle: watchOS 8 could present new apps, brand-new faces, and widgets

We’re about six months away from the unveiling of the next version of watchOS. We haven’t heard any rumors yet, so all of these ideas are based purely on conjecture. But at the end of the day, there are lots of ways that watchOS could be improved. From more detailed health data metrics to even…

What we need to do is prepare our B-school trainees for an unsure future

Softer skills are the subjects critical for success today. They will lead to implementation of bright ideas by the brightest minds, teamwork, collaboration and entrepreneurship Topics management education | B-schools | B-school summer placements Rohtash Mal  Last Updated at January 18, 2021 14:03 IST While searching for a young, fresh go-getter, all too often I have seen young people…

OpenAI’s text-to-image engine, DALL-E, is an effective visual idea generator

Once upon a time in Silicon Valley, engineers at the various electronics firms would tinker at their benches and create new inventions. This tinkering was done, at least in part, to show to the engineer at the next bench so they could both appreciate the ingenuity and inspire others. Some of this work eventually made…

To Conquer Vaccine Hesitancy, We Required a Much Better Patient Experience

One of the biggest obstacles to bringing the pandemic to an end is the hesitancy of a large portion of the population to get vaccinated. Key to overcoming their reluctance is providing a superlative experience before, during, and after vaccination. This article offers a seven-part framework to do that. In addition to the logistics challenges that…

A Brief Cultural History of Work Sucking

In Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, the late David Graeber laments the proliferation of meaningless sectors and jobs that are not productive but seem to exist solely to keep people working. Plenty of jobs have been automated out of existence, he argues, but rather than allowing us more leisure time, the fear of unemployment and threat…

Fargo’s commanding existence in Trinidad and Tobago

Commentary Newsday Yesterday The bust of APT James at James Park, Scarborough. - DR RITA PEMBERTON The acute national interest in the much-needed and long-awaited new vessels to service the inter-island route was fired by the expectation that, once operational, the new vessels would bring an end to the escalating litany of lamentations of the…

In Conversation: Dollar Meek

Speaking to Buck Meek over the phone, it’s easy to imagine him sitting in a rocking chair on a front porch somewhere, observing the gentle drift of the world going by and offering pensive conversation to passersby as if he has all the time in the world. He’s an old soul with a Texan twang,…


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